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Highlander Brigade is a supporters' club of NorthEast United FC. We are a group of students and professionals who support NorthEast United FC in the Indian Super league. In the Cricket Crazy country of ours, we are trying to garner a piece of the pie for Football as well. The club caters to the footballing needs of the North-Eastern region of India, which is a hotbed for Indian Football. From both historical and present viewpoints, The NE region has provided the nation with elite footballers: young & matured. The love for football in this region is colossal and with fans of the club come pouring from all over the 8 states of the region which gives the club a massive fanbase full of expectations and pride. Highlander Brigade is the largest collection of such fans who have come together to build something phenomenal. This is a quest to revolutionize the fan culture in this region: From watching on TV to jumping in the stands, from mute spectators to loud avid supporters; Promote the club, promote football, promote the NorthEast, promote its culture of football. That is the motto.

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