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Our matchday activities are a cluster of various activities such as gathering around for a march to the stadium singing chants carrying our drums and banners, organising pyro shows before entering the stadium, unfurling the main banner for the match inside the stadium, chanting throughout the match to encourage the team. Each of these activities is carried out after diligent planning by our members and the core team. We have a chant team exclusively to compose the chants, a banner team to plan and make the banners; and a field team to cater to the field related needs of all these activities and coordinate with all the teams.


The Brigade's marching routine calls for unity! With red-black-white flags waving in the sky, the corteo begins when the beat starts rolling on the drums and the chants echo through the heart of each fan. From the outside to the inside of the stadium, the Brigade marches into the stands, with mere spectators joining in to support, cherish and celebrate with pride.

The Red Flame & White Smoke

The Brigade loves its flamboyant display of support. The usual Red flares and smoke bombs are used despite limitations by the authorities. 

Supporters not Spectators

The Brigade relentlessly backs the team throughout the 90+ minutes. The expectations, the pride, the frustration: everything has its own voice in the stands acknowledged by the continuous chanting. Popular chants echo through the stadium as the team and the players are motivated to play for more; for the badge; for the fans.

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