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Tifos, banners, pyros, mosaics; fans' way of conveying their support for their favourites. The thrill of being able to unveil huge banners and tifos during the match is very fulfilling. Over the course of time, we too have enmassed a collection of tifos and banners of our own. Take a look..

Lachit Tifo
A Lady Supporter
Northeast Way of Life
Let's Eat Em Up
As we ride to victory
8 Years is enough to get serious
Make Fans, Not Customer
NEUFC Jersey Tifo
In You We Trust-Eelco
Keep Fighting
Dr. Talimeren Ao
Subham Rabha
Vivala NEUFC
No Fund to Run the Club
Sign Sunny Bhasin
Broken Heart, Resilient Soul
The 12th Man of NEUFC
HB Bengaluru
Vodi Nas - Robert Jarni
Highlander Brigade
We can and we will
Highlander Brigade
We are one
Trak Tak Tak Kumba Phah I Mei Na Ing
Welcome Home Grant
Salute to the Martyrs
You will never understand
Highlander Brigade
This is Northeast

Pictures source: ISL & NEUFC Media

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