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The world is passing through one of it's toughest times in recent years. A pandemic which is showing no signs of conclusion. While people around the world are hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel while being stuck indoors, Highlander Brigade, a supporters' club of North East United FC organized a painting competition as part of our off-season activity and also to let people show their creative skills. The competition was opened to all, not just our members. There were two categories of the competition, hand painting and digital painting. However, a participant could choose only one of the two categories. The theme of the competition was anything related to "North East United FC and it's football fan culture". The winner of both the categories won one matchday ticket to any one home match of NEUFC and a chance to enjoy the game alongside the Highlander Brigade at the South East Stand in the next season. WINNERS a) Hand painting- Partha Pratim Sarma from Bongaigaon, Assam b) Digital painting- Alfrid Adnan from Goalpara, Assam

Hand painting winner artwork - This piece of gem from Partha Pratim Sarma showed the tough times the whole footballing family is going through. The artist through his brushes showed that we the 8 states of North East India are together in this pandemic.

Digital painting winner artwork- This masterpiece from Alfrid Adnan took all of us back to our most successful season of 2018-19. Our captain for that season, highest goal scorer for the season as well as in the club's history Bartholomew Ogbeche. A poacher in the opposition's box, a leader who led from the fun, it was a joy to watch him play for any NEUFC fan.

While only two winners could be picked, there were many other eye-catching paintings. One such was a marvellous work by a fan named "Siva Sarma". This painting, expressing the emotion of NEUFC fans for the club that was later featured in the official social media pages of North East United FC.

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