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HB PES 20 Mobile Tournament- Ended successfully

The ever-recurring desire to keep ourselves fully committed to the basics of 'fan culture' made us kick start the 2020 session with a first in a line of off-season activities, that we have kept conducting ever since our inception -The 2nd edition of HB PES tournament. An applaudable effort and commitment by our team of organizers helped us in seeing all the 128 required slots for the tournament being filled up within 48 hours of the official announcement through our social media handles and an over 250 people showing interest and having registered through the links provided for the same. The event was organised on the 12th and 13th of April, 2020. As the tournament kick-started let's give a trivia, to begin with - Defending champion Suraj Nepal was knocked out in the 4th round of the HB PES 20 tournament by Shubham Singh who was knocked out by Suraj in the round 2 of the HB PES 19 tournament last year. Revenge taken! The eventual winner, after a tough and gruelling fight for two days through the knock-out format, was Pragalv Kashyap. Suranjoy Singh walked away with the runners-up bounty. Winners are listed below:- WINNER: PRAGALV KASHYAP RUNNER-UP: SURANJOY SINGH SEMI-FINAL PRIZE WINNERS: ABHILASH GAYAN & MUHAMMAD ZAHRAN QUARTER-FINAL PRIZE WINNERS: GANESH SANTOS, NITISH KASHYAP, SHUBHAM SINGH & MEHDI CHOUDHURY GOLDEN BOOT PRIZE WINNER: MUHAMMAD ZAHRAN. The total prize pool of Rs.5200 was distributed accordingly.


The whole Highlander Brigade family hereby also would like to give a big shout-out and congratulate all the winners and participants and also would like to thank our media partners IFTWC, Axomiya Hunter and Troll Dimasa as well as our golden boot sponsor M S Dhoni Fan Club Assam, for being with us throughout in successfully organizing the tournament. Last but not the least, we have to mention that the immense love showered on us in the form of positive feedback and appreciation from all the participants as well as our well-wishers keeps us all the more inspired and motivated to conduct more of such activities and thereby create a fan culture unprecedented.

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