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#PassTheSanitizer campaign by the Highlander Brigade

Highlander Brigade is doing a #PassTheSanitizer campaign to encourage people to use sanitizers and masks during the COVID 19 pandemic. We've released a video regarding the same. In the video people can be seen passing around a bottle of sanitizer to the next person, the next person uses the sanitizer and passes it on to another person, in turn completing the chain. In the midst of these uncertain times, it is only imperative that we learn to live with this virus; and in the absence of proven cure prevention is always the safer way to go. Using Sanitizers and Masks when you go out, frequently washing your hands with soap water is among the most important preventive measures one can take so far. So, our message to everyone would also be the same. Stay home, go out only when it is absolutely necessary and use masks and sanitizers when you do. Check the video now:

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