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Redeem parts ways with NEUFC

Redeem Tlang, the 25-year old Meghalaya born winger has decided to part ways with NorthEast United FC recently. In ISL 2019-20, the winger had scored 3 times in 16 appearances for the Highlanders.

Picture source: NEUFC

In an Instagram post yesterday the young gun announced his departure and thanked the Coaches, teammates and non-coaching staff at the club. "It has been a wonderful two years with the #NEUFC family. I will be ever grateful to my coaches, teammates and non-coaching staff for the happy memories. I was able to learn a lot during the past two years with the Highlanders." he stated.

Thanking the club management, fans and the Highlander Brigade, he added: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the management, @highlanderbrigade and all the fans who were with us during the ups and downs."

Remembering the semi-final run of the Highlanders last season, he wrote "Able to be part of the historic squad and represent NEUFC in the semis during the 2018-19 season will be the best memory of many, which will be in my heart forever. As the journey goes on, it's time to bid farewell to the NEUFC family. But wherever I go and whatever lies ahead for me, I will always be from the Northeast!"

According to various news being circulated in the Indian footballing circles, the winger is going to join FC Goa for the next season who will be representing India at the AFC Champions League this season.

We wish Redeem the very best for his new venture and hope that he has a wonderful career ahead.

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